Using Globus with Amazon S3 storage

The Globus data transfer service can be used to transfer data to and from Amazon's S3 cloud storage service. This document will describe how to set up Globus to work with Amazon S3. 

For more information on why and how to use Amazon S3 storage, see Using Amazon S3 Storage


To use Globus with Amazon S3, you need to: create a bucket (if you don't have one already), create an IAM access key with permission to write to the bucket, and install the access key on the endpoint.

  1. Create an Amazon S3 bucket
  2. Create an AWS access key that has permission to read from and write to the bucket
  3. Give Globus access to the bucket via the IAM access key you created (see below).

Authenticate in the Globus interface

Once you have an AWS Access Key ID, you can use these credentials to authenticate in the Globus interface. 

  1. First, log into Globus File Manager using your Northwestern NetID
  2. Then search for the Northwestern AWS endpoints. 

    Northwestern has 3 endpoints to transfer data to Amazon Web Service S3 storage.

    • Northwestern AWS us-east-1 N. Virginia
    • Northwestern AWS us-east-2 Ohio
    • Northwestern AWS us-west-2 Oregon

    These endpoints are now region-agnostic and can be used to transfer data stored in any AWS region. 

  3. Once you have selected an endpoint, follow the instructions in Globus's How to Access Your Files on AWS S3 with Globus documentation.

Email for additional support in setting up Globus with Amazon S3.

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