1. Box Migration - Known Limitations
  2. Box Migration: Identify Potential Migration Issues
  3. Box Migration: What to do when your migration runs long
  4. Box: Moving and Copying Files & Folders
  5. Box: Read-Only Mode
  6. Box: Removing Yourself from Shared Folders and Files
  7. Can you drag and drop a document between Box and OneDrive?
  8. Change Request Settings for Accessing a SharePoint site
  9. Check who has accessed your files in SharePoint and OneDrive
  10. Download Files and Folders from Box
  11. Downloading and Installing OneDrive for Mac
  12. Downloading and Installing OneDrive for Windows
  13. External or guest sharing in OneDrive or SharePoint
  14. How can I tell if a SharePoint site is “group enabled” or “MS Team”?
  15. How do I change ownership on a Box folder before the migration?
  16. How do I get content from the Box account of an individual who is no longer at the University?
  17. How do I prevent OneDrive and SharePoint files from downloading to the local hard drive?
  18. How do you know your status on a document in Box?
  19. How to find something on SharePoint/OneDrive that was shared with me
  20. How to rename a SharePoint site
  21. How to Reshare External Sharing Links in OneDrive after Box Migration
  22. How to reshare externally in SharePoint post Box Migration
  23. How to Self-Migrate from Box to OneDrive
  24. Inserting SharePoint/OneDrive Links into Outlook Emails in Windows
  25. Inserting SharePoint/OneDrive Links into Outlook Emails on a Mac
  26. Move files and folders between OneDrive and SharePoint
  27. Moving files from Box to SharePoint Manually
  28. OneDrive - Transferring Ownership of Files
  29. OneDrive error: "There was a problem connecting to OneDrive"
  30. OneDrive: Choosing the Right Installation Settings for OneDrive for Windows
  31. OneDrive: Common Login Issues
  32. OneDrive: Error: "We were unable to verify your account."
  33. OneDrive: Resolving "Duplicate File" issue post-Migration