1. Editing and managing files in Northwestern Box using Box Drive, Box Sync, and Box Edit
  2. Troubleshooting issues with Box Sync
  3. Sharing files and folders in Northwestern Box
  4. Creating and managing Northwestern Box Groups
  5. Using Northwestern Box with your organization or department
  6. Transferring Northwestern Box content to a personal Box account
  7. Using an external password for Northwestern Box
  8. Deleting and recovering content from Northwestern Box
  9. Managing sharing in a Northwestern Box Organizational Account
  10. Accessing Northwestern Box on Android, Windows Mobile, or iOS (iPhone or iPad)
  11. Law School - Scanning on copiers to Northwestern.box.com using the PaperCut MF scanning system
  12. Adding additional email addresses to a Northwestern Box account
  13. Accessing Northwestern Box on Linux
  14. Embedding Northwestern Box to a SharePoint site
  15. Collaborating on Northwestern Box folders using SAFER
  16. Restoring Box content after an email address change
  17. Resolving "An error occurred while processing your request" error when logging into Northwestern Box
  18. Transferring Files to and from Quest
  19. Managing access to a former employee's data
  20. Getting Started with SAFER
  21. Using the Register a Folder Tree Form in SAFER
  22. Using the Register a Subfolder Form in SAFER
  23. Using the Import Bulk Changes Form in SAFER
  24. Managing group permissions using the Self-Service Group Management tool
  25. Using the Replace a Steward Form in SAFER
  26. Managing sections or modules on NUsites pages
  27. Understanding the Divi Builder modules in NUsites
  28. Using the Change Collaborator Access Form in SAFER
  29. Using the Duplicate Collaborator Access Form in SAFER
  30. Using the Remove Collaborator Access Form in SAFER
  31. SAFER Forms for Stewards and Directors