Setting up your (or other G Suite account) in a mail client

Your,,, or is a Google G Suite account and works with most mail clients. Northwestern provides configuration guides for the most commonly-requested mail clients, including Mail on iPhone, Gmail on Android, Outlook on macOS and Windows, and Apple Mail on macOS.

If you would prefer to access your account in a browser, please choose from one of the following links. All G Suite accounts can also be logged into from any Google Account login page using your full email address and password.

iPhone or iPad

Instructions for setting up your G Suite account on iPhone or iPad can be found at The instructions are for iOS 11 or above.


For Android phones, instructions for setting up your G Suite account in the Gmail app can be found at You must be using the latest version of the Gmail app for your device.

Outlook (macOS or Windows)

G Suite accounts can also be added to Outlook for Windows or macOS. Instructions for doing so can be found here: Steps are available for both Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 on Windows and Outlook 2016 for macOS.

Apple Mail (macOS)

Your G Suite email account is fully compatible with Apple Mail on macOS and can be configured using the instructions found at