Quest Beta Cluster

This document describes the Quest Beta testbed computing cluster and shows how Quest researchers can use it.

The Quest Beta cluster is a small testbed that stages software changes and upgrades planned for Quest. Quest Beta has access to Quest's file system but runs newer versions of some system and applications software. Researchers are invited to test their code on Quest Beta to verify their workflow works with upcoming changes on Quest. Please report issues encountered on Quest Beta to; while jobs on Quest Beta are not fully supported, reporting issues will help us resolve them before staged changes are rolled out on the production cluster.

Note that Quest Beta operates independently from Quest's accounting and fair share mechanisms and running jobs on the Quest Beta cluster will not impact researchers' fair share score on the Quest production cluster. Because Quest Beta is NOT a production cluster, it is provided "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" with no immediate support. Jobs running there may be killed due to system maintenance without prior communications. Quest Beta will not be available during periods of internal testing.

Using the Quest Beta Cluster

To login, first login to Quest and then from the command line use the command:

$ ssh <netID>
Once you login to Quest Beta, read the Message Of The Day that appears when you login. This will provide information on the current configuration of Quest Beta including what architectures are currently available and what is being tested.

Researchers should submit jobs using their own allocation names from their accounts on Quest. Quest Beta has two partitions, "short" for jobs that are shorter than four hours and "normal" for jobs that are shorter than 24 hours.

To run batch jobs on Quest Beta, modify your Slurm submission script to have the following values for jobs that are 4 hours or less:

#SBATCH -A <your_allocation>
#SBATCH -p short
#SBATCH -t 04:00:00

Use these values for jobs that are 24 hours or less:

#SBATCH -A <your_allocation>
#SBATCH -p normal
#SBATCH -t 24:00:00

To submit a job on Quest Beta:

$ sbatch <script_name>.sh

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