Requesting myHR Learn access via email when you're not a Northwestern employee

If you are unable to use this form to gain access to myHR Learn as a non-Northwestern employee, you may follow the steps below.

  1. Create an email message and copy the fields below into it.

    University NetID: _____________
    Current student ID (seven digits), if applicable: _____________
    Previous Northwestern employee ID or student ID (seven digits), if applicable: _____________

    Type of POI requested: Affiliate
    Category - choose one (Volunteer, intern, visiting student, incoming student, contractor, medical student, researcher, hospital employee, etc.): _____________
    Training needed (e.g., Research Safety, RCR, etc.): _________

    First name: _____________
    Middle name (indicate N/A if no middle name): _____________
    Last name: _____________
    Email address: _____________
    Date of birth: _____________

    Sponsor's Employee ID (this is the PI or supervisor's employee ID): _____________
    University Department ID (this ID is specific to your department, ask your departmental administrator for this number): _____________
    Campus: Chicago, Evanston, Remote
    Start Date: _____________
    End Date: _____________
    Full-time or Part-time: _____________

  2. Fill in all of the information completely.
  3. Send the message to
  4. Ask your department business administrator or sponsor to also send a message to to approve your access to myHR Learn.
  5. Once the request is approved and created, you will receive an email confirming your access to myHR Learn.

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