Managing group permissions using the Self-Service Group Management tool

The Self-Service Group Management Tool (Cayosoft) allows you to manage system permissions and membership in Active Directory (AD) groups through a simple user interface. If you are an owner of an Exchange Distribution List, SMB Research group, or a Box group, use this tool to manage permissions to your list/group via Active Directory. Note that you cannot manage NUValidate/NetID groups using this tool.

Log in at using your NetID and NetID password. You must use VPN if you want to use this tool from off campus.

Viewing groups I own

  • From the left pane, select My Organization > My AD Groups
  • Leave all search fields blank, then click Search. The list of all groups you own will be displayed.

Adding people to groups I own

  • To the left of the group you wish to make changes to, click the checkmark
  • In the Actions panel to the right, select Membership
  • In the Find field, enter the Name, Net ID or email address of the user you wish to add to your group, then click Add.
  • Click the checkmark to the left of the user you wish to add
  • Click Select, then click Update

Removing people from groups I own

  • Click the checkmark to the left of the group you wish to make changes to
  • Click Membership in the Actions column to the right of your groups
  • Scroll to find the user you wish to remove
  • Click the checkmark to the left of the users' entry
  • Click Remove Member(s), then click Update

Signing out of the AD Group Management Tool

  • At the upper right of your window, locate your NetID beneath the Person icon
  • Click the Person icon then click Sign Out

Group Owner Assignment in Cayosoft*

  • *Only Applicable to Active Directory Administrators
  • Locate and select the group in Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC). See Viewing groups I own, above for help with this.
  • Click on the checkbox to select the group then click Properties
  • In the Managed By (Owner) field, enter the name of the individual or group who will manage the group in Cayosoft.
  • Click apply.
Note: Administration of group membership in Active Directory using the AD Users and Computers management console (ADUC) required navigating to the “Managed By” tab under the properties of a security group and entering the new owners' Name and checking "Manager can update membership list" checkbox. Often, administrators would fill out only the “Name” field to act as an “FYI” as to who manages a group, without actually giving them permission to do so. Please use caution when defining any new security groups within your OU as you may inadvertently give someone rights to manage group membership through Cayosoft.

Known Issues

  • Internet Explorer is not recommended. Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead.
  • The Change History report shows a blank value in the Previous Value column. 
  • When adding multiple users to a group, enter one or more net id's, names or email addresses separated by a ; (semi-colon). Using anything other than a semi-colon when adding more than one user at a time will cause nothing to happen. No alerts or errors will appear. 
  • If you manage more groups than shown in the display dropdown, you will not see all of your groups. Set default to All if needed. 
  • The Display Name field may be blank prior to saving changes to a group. The field populates once saved. 
  • There is a 20-minute delay for changes to replicate between OWA and the Self-Service Group management interfaces
  • Logging in to the tool from mobile devices is not supported. 
For more information on working in the Self-Service Group management interface, see the Cayosoft Knowledge Base.

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