Collaborating on Northwestern Box folders using SAFER

Once folders are registered in SAFER, Stewards use SAFER forms to manage permissions.

Granting access to a SAFER folder for someone outside of Northwestern

Stewards can use the Change Collaborator Access form or the Register a Subfolder form to invite external collaborators. External collaborators will need to create a free Box account if they do not have one already.

In the Change Collaborator Access form, the Stewards should input the external collaborators' email addresses and leave the NetID field blank. The email address provided to the form for an external collaborator must match their Box account email address.

After both Stewards approve the form, an email will be sent to your collaborator(s) with an invitation to collaborate. Note that if the external collaborators have turned "auto-accept" off in Box, they will need to accept the invitation by clicking the link in their email first. Until then, they will be listed in Box as a "pending" collaborator.

Note: External collaborators cannot be Stewards.

Granting access to a folder that is not registered in SAFER

SAFER only regulates access to folders that are registered in a SAFER Share. You can log in to Box and grant access to a non-sensitive (non-SAFER) folder without using SAFER.

In the Box interface, navigate to the folder you want to share and click on the button that says Share this Folder. If the option is grayed-out, it means you do not have sufficient privileges to grant access to that folder, either because of your permission level or because the folder is registered in SAFER. SAFER-registered folders have a tag that reads "SAFER.”

Obtaining access to a SAFER folder when you don’t know who the Stewards are

A SAFER Share's list of Stewards will be available to you when you log-in with your NetID to the SAFER application. In the left-hand menu, under the Reports section, click on Directors and Stewards. If you do not already have access to at least one folder in the Share, you will only be able to view the Directors, but you can contact them for further direction.

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