Replacing a SAFER Steward or Director

SAFER Stewards and Directors can be easily replaced in the event that they leave the University or go on an extended leave.

Replacing one Steward

At any time, one Steward can change either Steward to a new Steward (either temporarily or permanently) using the Replace a Steward form. Once this is completed, you will have two present Stewards who are able to approve forms and execute any requested actions. The Director will receive a notification of the Steward replacement.

Replacing two Stewards

If both Stewards are unavailable, please contact the Northwestern IT Support Center with the name of the SAFER Share and the names of two replacement Stewards. Stewards should be selected for their expertise regarding folder content and also their availability to make these changes.
Northwestern IT will contact the Director of the SAFER Share for permission to replace both Stewards.

Opposing or contesting a Steward change

If, when a Steward is replaced, the Director does not agree with the new Steward choice, the Director should notify the Steward who submitted the form to have them re-submit the form with a different choice. Alternately, one of the two Stewards can use the Replace a Steward form to designate a different Steward. If no Stewards are available, the Director should contact the Northwestern IT Support Center.

Replacing a Director

If a Director leaves the University or changes to a new department, Organization Administrators can log in to the admin site and replace the Director. This should be done as soon as possible to avoid interruptions should a Director’s approval be necessary.
  1. Log in to the SAFER admin page at
  2. In the left menu, click Accounts
  3. For the affected account, click the Manage button the the right
  4. On the line for the appropriate SAFER Share, click the Edit Share button
  5. Enter a second director's NetID in the Second Director NetID box, then click Save. You will be redirected to the previous page.
  6. On the line for the appropriate SAFER Share, click the Edit Share button again
  7. Both Directors will now have a Remove Director button. Click this button to remove the old Director.

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