Joining an alumni club by paying a membership fee in Our Northwestern

Some alumni clubs are free to all alumni. Others may require paying membership dues on Our Northwestern. Paid memberships help support club programming and offer additional member benefits. Eligibility: 1) Be an alumnus whose alumni record is affiliated with the club. Club affiliation is based on the home address listed on your Our Northwestern profile or by following the club’s Space in Our Northwestern. 2) Have an Our Northwestern account.

Verifying my alumni record is affiliated with the club I want to join

  1. Log in to Our Northwestern at using your preferred sign in method.
  2. Click your personal avatar icon located next to the magnifying glass.
  3. Click View Profile from the list of Personal links.
  4. In the Personal section of your profile, locate the Club/Volunteer Affiliations list. These Clubs have you on their member list and you will be able to buy a membership from their membership form.

Affiliate my record with the club I want to join

  1. If the club you want to buy a membership for is not listed on your profile, then you must first follow the clubs space in Our Northwestern.
  2. At the top of the Our Northwestern home page, click Communities
  3. Scroll down and click Groups and Clubs
  4. Use filters to locate the club you wish to join.
  5. Click on the club you wish to join. 
  6. In the upper-right-hand corner, click Follow.
Making a payment to your club:
  1. Locate the membership form for the club you’d like to join. The links can be found on the alumni website at
  2. Sign in to the membership form using the same credentials you use to access Our Northwestern.
  3. Complete the form to process your payment.

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