Managing folders in SAFER

Registering folders in SAFER enables Stewards to jointly regulate the permissions on them. Moving and renaming folders is possible in Box on SAFER folders.

Registering a folder tree or sub-folder in SAFER

There are three ways to register a folder in SAFER:
  1. Register a top level folder and its tree
    If you already have content in Box, like a folder with multiple sub-folders, you should use this form. Note that the top-level folder of your folder tree must be moved into the SAFER Share at the top level. This will not work if the folder tree is placed into an existing folder structure in the Share as a sub-folder.
  2. Register a new top-level folder
    If you want to create a new top-level folder within your SAFER share, you can use this form. A folder will be created for you and will be automatically registered.
  3. Register a sub-folder
    You must register sub-folders, if you want to add collaborators to them. Otherwise, sub-folders do not need to be registered. Folders that have the “SAFER” tag added to them by the SAFER account have been registered already. If you create a new sub-folder within an existing SAFER folder tree, you can use this form to register it.
  • Simply registering a folder in a SAFER share does not change the existing permissions, but registration is required to make permission changes.
  • To register a sub-folder, its top-level folder in the SAFER share must be registered already. Folders that have the “SAFER” tag added to them by the SAFER account have been registered already.

Moving folders into a SAFER Share

If you move a folder into an existing SAFER folder structure, SAFER will remove any collaborators from the folder that do not match the permissions of the destination SAFER folder. Only collaborators on the destination SAFER folder tree will remain on the moved folder. This stripping process exists to maintain the access integrity of the destination SAFER folder tree to only those people previously approved by the Stewards. If any permissions are removed, SAFER will send the Stewards a .csv (Excel) file with the removed collaborators and their permission levels. Stewards can then use the Register a Subfolder form to restore permissions. Please note that the stewards of the SAFER folder tree will be notified of this kind of move. Notes:
  • If you are an Organizational Administrator with access to the Box organizational account, you can move a folder into the Box Organizational account as a new top-level folder. You can then use the Register a Top-Level Folder and its Tree form, and all permissions in the entire folder tree will be preserved.
  • If a person has access to a sub-folder because it is inside another folder they have access to (i.e., the permissions are "inherited"), and the sub-folder is moved into a SAFER folder, they will lose their inherited permissions and will need to be re-added.

Moving folders out of a SAFER Share

Sensitive data should not be moved out of SAFER shares. Ensure first that all the folders and sub-folders you are moving do not contain sensitive data. If the data you are moving is not sensitive, and you have access to the destination folder, you can move your folders into it.

Renaming a SAFER folder

You can make file and folder name changes yourself in the Box interface, if you have the right permissions. You must be at least an Editor or Viewer-Uploader of that folder. SAFER will notify the Stewards of the name change. You can find more information on Box permissions levels at the Box Support website.

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