Onboarding and offboarding collaborators with SAFER access

SAFER makes it easier to add or remove employees or other collaborators on SAFER folders.

Granting SAFER folder access to a new collaborator

If the newly hired person needs access to a small number of folders, Stewards can fill out the Change Collaborator Access form for each folder. If the newly hired person needs access to a large number of folders within a SAFER Share, the Directors of the Share can complete the Duplicate Collaborator Access form to grant the new hire the permissions of the person they are replacing, or the permissions of someone in a similar role.

Removing SAFER folder access from a departing collaborator

Stewards can remove the departing person’s permissions for individual folders with the Change Collaborator Access form. Note that the person may still have access to other SAFER-protected folders managed by other Data Stewards, or may have access to non-SAFER folders. To remove all of one person's access to SAFER folders in an entire Share, complete the Remove Collaborator Access form. Multiple forms for multiple Shares may be needed.

  • To use the Remove Collaborator Access form, the Share must have a Business Officer appointed for it. The Business Officer approves these forms.

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