Using Northwestern Box with your organization or department

Organizational NetIDs are not eligible to sign in to Northwestern Box. Instead, we suggest creating a Box Organizational Account for your organization or department.

A Box Organizational Account is a free, unlimited storage account which enables collaboration among departments and teams. The account is set up with two co-owners, who can then add other collaborators. If both Co-owners leave, they can be modified at the request of a departmental administrator.

Once shared, the organizational account's folder shows up in collaborators' individual Northwestern Box accounts. Inside the organizational account's folder, collaborators create and modify folders and files which will be owned by the organizational account.

Benefits to creating an organizational account rather than logging in to Box with an organizational NetID include:
  • Increased accountability: In a Box Organizational Account folder, individuals are making the changes, so you always know who did what, when. When using a shared NetID, it's not always clear who made changes.
  • Increased security: With a Box Organizational Account, you know the names of all of the people who have access to the content, because they're listed as collaborators. This is not always possible with a shared NetID.
  • Ease of use: Collaborators on a Box Organizational Account can simply log in to their own Box accounts and have the organizational content right there alongside their own.
  • Lower risk: The Box account tied to the Box Organizational Account cannot expire. If an organizational NetID using Box expires, there is a risk that any content owned by the NetID can be lost.
To request a Box Organizational Account, please submit the Northwestern Box Account Request form and choose Organizational Account as the type.

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