Managing Full Access Allocations on Quest

How to obtain information on full access/buy-in allocation resources on Quest.

Users with full access, also referred to as buy-in allocations, to Quest can view information about their nodes, queues, and allocation members.

Full access allocation IDs usually start with the letter b; e.g. b1065. Use your allocation ID in place of <allocationID> in all commands below, without the surrounding <>.

List Allocation Members

Display all current members of the allocation:

module load utilities
grouplist <allocationID>

Status of Allocation Jobs in Queue

Display the the status of all jobs submitted to an allocation

showq –w acct=<allocationID>

Example Output

active jobs------------------------

19870500             abc123    Running     1    23:52:14  Fri May  5 13:17:37
19869106             def456    Running     8  1:20:18:36  Fri May  5 09:43:59
19827200             ghi345    Running    24  4:23:54:25  Sun Apr 30 13:19:48
19854800            cba1234    Running     8  7:07:48:44  Tue May  2 21:14:07

4 active jobs        41 of 15720 processors in use by local jobs (0.00%)
                        3 of 670 nodes active      (0.00%)

eligible jobs----------------------

19769946             abc123       Idle    10  1:00:00:00  Wed Apr 19 11:51:11
19806950             def456       Idle     3  2:00:00:00  Tue Apr 25 23:25:28
19816976             ghi345       Idle     1    12:00:00  Thu Apr 27 15:34:29

3 eligible jobs   

blocked jobs-----------------------

0 blocked jobs   

Total jobs:  7

Status of Allocation Nodes

The showres command will give you information about a particular system reservation.  For most small full access allocations spanning a single Quest partition, the reservation name is the same as the allocation ID (e.g. b1065).  For larger allocations, such as the genomics nodes or grail, the allocation ID and reservation names are different.

To list all nodes associated with a reservation (allocation):

showres –n –g | grep <allocationID>

To get a similar list with additional status details about each node:

for i in `showres -n -g | grep <allocationID> | sort -n | awk '{print $1}'`; do pbsnodes $i; done

If the above commands don't work for your allocation, contact for assistance.

Individual Node Status

To get details on the status on one of your nodes, use checknode.

checknode <nodeid>


checknode qnode5004

You can get the node ids using the showres commands above.

Why are my jobs running on nodes other than those reserved for my allocation?

If you have access to more than one allocation on Quest, and you didn't specify the allocation ID and buyin queue when submitting your job, your job may have been scheduled on the general access nodes rather than the nodes reserved for your allocation. Make sure to explicitly set the allocation ID and queue name when you submit a job.

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