Restoring a previous version of a file or folder from RDSS

This document explains how to to restore previous versions of a file or folder in RDSS/FSMResFiles.

The Research Data Storage Service (RDSS) creates snapshots of files stored on the system that are kept for 28 days. Snapshots occur daily between 7 pm and midnight. This feature allows users to retrieve files that were accidentally modified or deleted with some exceptions: 

  • Files that were modified/deleted more than 28 days ago cannot be restored because snapshots are deleted after 28 days.
  • Files that were created then modified/deleted within 24 hours may not be able to be restored because they may not have been on the file system when a snapshot occurred. 

Retrieving older versions of modified/deleted files

The instructions below describe how to restore older versions of files or deleted files contained in snapshots on RDSS.

Note: This process can only be done on computers running the Windows operating system. If you cannot mount your RDSS share on a Mac or Linux machine, please contact for assistance in retrieving your files. 

View Previous Versions

To see the previous versions of a file that are available:

  1. Open a File Explorer window
  2. Navigate to the file or folder you want to retrieve
  3. Right-click on the file/folder
  4. Select Properties from the menu that appears. 
  5. In the properties window, select the Previous Versions tab. 

You should see a list of previous versions of the file/folder. 

Windows Previous Versions Tab

Select the needed version of the folder and click the Open button below the list of versions to view its contents. 

Previous Versions. This content will be shown/hidden as the panel is toggled.]

Restore a previous version

If you would like to revert to a previous version of a folder, 

  1. In the Previous Versions tab you opened in the previous steps, click the version you want to revert to. 
  2. Click the Restore button below the version list. This will restore the contents of the entire directory.
  3. You will see a message warning you that the current version of the file will be replaced. Click Yes.

The current version of this directory will now match the version you selected above. 

Restore a deleted file

If you would like to retrieve a deleted file, revert to a file to a previous version, or make a copy of the previous version,

  1. Navigate to the folder that the file was stored in.
  2. Right click the folder and select Properties
  3. Click on the Previous Versions tab
  4. In the Previous Versions tab you opened in the previous steps, click the version you want to revert to. 
  5. Click the Open button below the version list. This will open a new file explorer window with the previous version's contents of that folder.
  6. You can copy the previous version of the file(s) you want and paste the file(s) into the current folder or new location. 

    If you need help with any of these instructions, email to speak with a data management specialist. 

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