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Getting Started with Power BI:

To request Power BI please fill out this Power BI request Link: Power BI Request Form

Affiliation Free PRO ($2 per mo.) Premium

Consultants* Should have active NetID and share consultant status upon Power BI request

If you need Power BI Premium or use CRM Anthology, please discuss with your team on how they use/access/requested this. For all other questions please contact a DMA team member

Steps for Purchase

  1. Log into iBuyNU as a “Shopper” https://www.it.northwestern.edu/nuportal/ibuynu.html
  2. Click on “Suppliers”
  3. “Punchout” on the CDW-G: Computer item
  4. To order a Power BI PRO search : NK5-00001-*MO

    Depending on the month you order the "*MO" number will be different:

    Order Month Jan – Search / buy : NK5-00001-6MO Order Month May – Search / buy : NK5-00001-2MO Order Month Sep – Search / buy : NK5-00001-10MO
    Order Month Feb – Search / buy : NK5-00001-5MO Order Month Jun – Search / buy : NK5-00001-12MO Order Month Oct – Search / buy : NK5-00001-9MO
    Order Month Mar – Search / buy : NK5-00001-4MO Order Month Jul – Search / buy : NK5-00001-12MO Order Month Nov – Search / buy : NK5-00001-8MO
    Order Month Apr – Search / buy : NK5-00001-3MO Order Month Aug – Search / buy : NK5-00001-11MO Order Month Dec – Search / buy : NK5-00001-7MO
  5. Add Quantity desired & Click “Add to cart” or “Check Out”
  6. Once in your cart you can “Assign Cart” to an authorized department purchaser
  7. Add a description with product and user in “Request Description”
  8. “Assign To” your authorized department purchaser (this will typically be a financial admin, if you do not know who that is you manager may be able to advise)
  9. "Submit” for further processing

Each license has different features available. To learn more see Microsoft's page on Power BI License Type

License type Capabilities when workspace is in shared capacity Additional capabilities when workspace is in Premium capacity
Power BI (free) Access to content in My Workspace Consume content shared with them
Power BI Pro Publish content to other workspaces, share dashboards, subscribe to dashboards and reports, share with users who have a Pro license Distribute content to users who have free licenses


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