Add Placeholder Data in NUPlans Contributor

To add financial detail to generic or Budget Grouping specific salary placeholders

Navigation: NUPlans Contributor> Add Salary Data Websheet

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1)      Select Placeholder Type

-       Generic New Employees – allows data entry for 5 generic salary placeholders per Budget Grouping

-       Budget Grouping Placeholders – allows data entry for Budget Grouping specific placeholders that have been added in NUPlans Web

2)      Select Placeholder from the drop-down menu

3)      Select appropriate Department/Project combination (optional)

-       Budget Groupings that budget by Home Department do not see this selection for Budget Grouping Placeholders

-       Department/Project selected does not need to match departments/projects entered for the placeholder data

-       Department/Project is used to restrict visibility to entries for users who have security limited by specific departments and project (rare.)

4)      Select number of lines to display

-       When editing previous entries, you may need to select a higher number to see all previous entries for the placeholder

5)      Click Refresh to update the data entry grid based on selections

6)      Enter data lines for placeholder

a.       Placeholder Approval

§  Blank – Same as Unapproved

§  Approved – Only approved placeholder lines flow to budget

§  Unapproved – Entry is not approved to flow into budget

b.       Fund, Department, Project, Account – Funding Chartstring for placeholder

c.       Amount – Placeholder salary amount before benefits

d.       Comments

e.       Funding Status Change

§  Remove Funding – zeroes out amount and prevents line from flowing to budget

§  Reactivate – reactivates proposal line, reestablishes amount if previously entered

§  Blank – same as Reactivate

7)      Click Refresh to save changes

For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) option 7, or

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