Box Migration: Identify Potential Migration Issues

The purpose of this tool and instruction is to identify potential issues with file path lengths being greater than 400 characters and invalid characters in file names.

This is an unsupported self-service tool. Instructions are provided as-is, and Northwestern IT or the Box Migration project team are unable to provide assistance with these instructions. 
  1. Setup internal Box password to use FTP. This step will not interfere with logging into Box with SSO afterward.
  2. Login to Box via FTP application using Box internal password. See Box FTP information on how to setup ftp connection to Box. The screens are from WinSCP program. This FTP program was used because it has built-in features which make it easy to dump paths to Excel for testing and it’s free. Enter the host name for Box, port 990, your email address and newly created password. Click Login.
  3. Once logged in and connected, do a wildcard search to get the list of files within Box directory. You must have access to that directory. When the search is complete, click Copy Results in bottom right corner and paste them into the template Excel file if you want to use the formulas.
  4. Example of the results pasted into Excel template file column A. DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE
  5. In Excel, based on SharePoint restrictions and limitations, you can use built-in Excel formulas to identify potential issues such as character length and invalid characters (note: forward slash is a little challenging to search for since it’s a directory identifier). For examples:
      • ENCODEURL(A2) – URL Encoding to convert path into a URL in order to count characters
      • LEN(B2) – Counts the number of characters in encoded URL. Filter on number > 400 to display long paths only.
      • ISNUMBER(SEARCH("""",A2)) – Searching for "
      • ISNUMBER(SEARCH("~*",A2)) – Searching for *
      • ISNUMBER(SEARCH("~:",A2)) – Searching for :
      • ISNUMBER(SEARCH("~|",A2)) – Searching for |
      • ISNUMBER(SEARCH("~\",B2)) – Searching for \
      • ISNUMBER(SEARCH("~/ ",A2)) – Searching for leading space

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