Download Files and Folders from Box

You can download files or folders from Box to your computer or device. You may want to do this before you are graduating or leaving Northwestern University, or if you wish to have your files available to a local device. These instructions are also to be used in preparation for losing access to your Box account.

If you try to download 15GB or more at a time, Box will say it's too large. Try saving only part of the content as one download, then do one or more additional downloads for the rest. You can also download using Box Drive or FTP. Make sure your device has enough storage space to accommodate what you're downloading.

Download Files or Folders Stored Inside the Folder You're Looking At

To download a single item

  1. When you're examining a folder in Box, you can download a file or folder in the list.
  2. When an item is highlighted, a download icon will appear in the upper right.
  3. If that's the only file or folder you want to save, click Download. You may see a message indicating that the download will begin shortly.
  4. The item will be saved to your computer or device.
Folders that are 15GB or less are downloaded as compressed ZIP files. Some computer or device operating systems will automatically turn them back into folders again, or you may need to unpack them by double-clicking on them.

Download Multiple Items

If you're using a computer, you can select multiple files or folders for download at once. 

If they are together in the list, hold down the shift key and select the first and last items you want to download.

If the items are not together in the list, hold Control on a Windows computer or Command on a Mac and individually click the items you want to download. 

Download the Entire Folder You're Looking At

You can save the whole folder you're examining.

  1. Click ... (More Options)
  2. Select Download.
If you run into difficulties with your download, see Box's Common Issues with Downloading

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