Approving Financial Structure Requests (formerly ChartField Request)

This guide explains how to access and review Financial Structure Requests pending approval

As a Financial Structure Request (FSR) approver, you will receive notifications when users submit requests to add or update Chartfields in NUFinancials. The following steps will guide you through the approval process.

Note: Financial Structure Request allows users to group requests under a single Request ID.  Requests are entered as Detail lines of the Request ID.  In some areas you will notice request displayed as a combination of Request ID and Detail ID  ie: 0000001234-1 or 0000001234 Detail 1.


Step 1.  Navigate to Request Approval Page

Option 1 – Using Email Link

1.      Click the link in email you receive which will take you directly to approval page




Option 2 - Using Approval Tile in NUFinancials

1.      Click Approvals tile



2.      Pending Approvals Page - Click Structure Request filter then select request from results



Step 2. Review Request

  1. Review Structure Request Summary and Attachments (if applicable). 
  2. If additional information is required for review, click on “Financial Structure Request Link” to access request pages.



Use tabs to navigate to different section of request.  Click “X” when done to return to approval page.image.png

Step 3. Approve Request

  1. Select Approve, Deny or More for Pushback and Hold options



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