Managing files and folders in Northwestern Box

This document provides instructions on file and folder management functions in the Box's file explorer.

Finding Files/Folders

Use the search bar at the top of the file explorer to find files or folders by name.

You can also click the search settings icon to add filters to your search, such as file type, last modified date, and owners.

The search filter window is expanded, showing extra content filters and dropdowns under File Type(s), Date Updated, and Owners

Sorting Files/Folders

Click the column headers (Name, Updated, Size) to sort items in ascending order.

You can click the column header a second time to sort by descending order, indicated by the up- or downwards pointing arrow to the right of the header text.

The file explorer is displayed to show where the column headers Name, Updated, and Size are.

Moving and Copying Files/Folders

Right-click a file/folder (or select multiple items) and click Move/Copy to open the navigation window.

The Move/Copy navigation window is displayed, allowing you to search for your location or use the integrated window to find your desired folder location. Move and Copy are in darker buttons to signify action. You can also click Cancel to cancel the action.

Select your desired destination folder and click:

  • Move to move all selected item(s) to the specified location.
  • Copy to create a duplicate of your selected item(s) at the specified location.

Deleting Files/Folders

Right-click a file/folder (or select multiple items) and click Trash to move it to your Trash bin.

The option menu is shown with Trash highlighted.

You can decide whether you want to Restore the file or folder to its original location or Delete it permanently from the Trash bin.

The Trash bin folder is active, with an option menu showing the options Restore and Delete for a selected item.

Please note that items in the Trash bin will be automatically deleted after 60 days. The exact date will be noted per item in the Details column.

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