Uploading Compensation from a File in NUPlans

Users have the option to mass load Comp Input or Compensation by Home Department from a (.csv) file in NUPlans. Once uploaded, entries can be adjusted in Contributor or replaced with additional uploads. Prep File role is required for access.


Step 1:  Navigate to Compensation Upload Page

From NUPlans Web:

1.       Click Applications >  03.Comp Input Maintenance > Upload Comp Input from a File

2.       Upload Comp Input from a File tab opens and page appears to the right of menu as shown below




From NUPlans Contributor:

1.       After taking ownership, click Upload Comp Input from a file in NUPlans Web Menu on Contributor Home page

2.       Compensation Upload page appears to the right of menu as shown below



Step 2:  Download Compensation Upload Template

        Compensation Upload Page




Step 3:  Enter Compensation Data

        Excel Spreadsheet (fig 1)


1.       Open downloaded .CSV file

2.       Enter Employee ID and Position ID for employee in your area

3.       Enter Method

·         Use Amount: Enter value in Amount column

·         % Change: Enter percent value in % Change column - Enter as a decimal or with % sign


The following methods only apply if opted-in to receiving merit data from myHR

·         Use FY(new) Rate with FY(old) distribution: No further entry is required

·         Use FY(new) Rate with FY(new) distribution: Enter new FY distribution % after upload


4.       Enter appropriate Comments for the entry – this may be left blank.

5.       Enter Fund, Department, Project, Account values appropriate for the employee in your area

6.       Save file as .CSV


Fig 1 




Step 4:  Upload File into NUPlans

        Compensation Upload Page



Step 5:  Import File into NUPlans

Compensation Upload Page


Step 6. Confirm Import in NUPlans Contributor

        Begin by logging in to NUPlans Contributor




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For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) option 2, or consultant@northwestern.edu.

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