Viewing Requisition Attachments in NUFinancials

This job aid describes how to view attachments on requisitions in NUFinancials.

  • Requesters can view attachments to requisitions once they have been submitted for approval.
  • Examples of documents that may be attached are the Bid Documentation form, Sole Source Justification form, and vendor quote.
  • These attached documents may be in Excel, Word, or Adobe acrobat format (pdf).
  • There are 3 ways to view attachments in a requisition:
    • Requisition Details
    • Approval Status
    • Edit Requisition

Log in to NUFinancials:

Navigation: NUFinancials > eProcurement > Manage Requisitions

  1. Search for and locate the requisition.
  2. Click the triangle icon to expand the lifespan of a requisition.

Method A: Requisition Details

  1. Click the Requisition icon in the lifespan.
  1. Select Requisition Schedule and Distribution.

  1. Click the paperclip in line description to view attachment.
  1. Click View.

Method B: Approval Status

  1. Click Approvals icon in the lifespan.
  1. Click the triangle icon to expand Line Information section.
  1. Click the comments bubble to view attachments. If the comments bubble appears empty, there are no attachments to view.
  1. Click View.

Method C: Edit Requisition

This method is only available if the requisition has not been sourced into a Purchase Order (Purchase Orders icon is grayed out).
  1. Select Edit Requisition from Select Action drop down menu.
  2. Click Go.
  3. When you select Edit Requisition you will get the following message:
    • "This requisition is pending approval. Editing this requisition may reinitialize approval process. Upon editing the requisition, clicking the Save and Submit button may restart the approval process from the beginning. At save time, changes made to the requisition will be evaluated. If changes will indeed restart the approval process, you will be notified, and prompted if you wish to proceed. Click OK to continue, or click Cancel to go back."
    • Viewing an attachment will not result in reinitiating the approval process.
    • Making changes to chart strings, dollar amounts, quantities, etc. will result in reinitiating the approval process.
  4. Click OK to reinitiating message
  1. Click the comments bubble in line information to view attachments. If the comments bubble appears empty, there are no attachments to view.
  1. Click View.

For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) option 7, or

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