Viewing Post-Award Grant Data in NUFinancials

This guide explains the post-award grant data that is available in NUFinancials and how to find it.

In the Grants menu in NUFinancials, you can view award details, milestones, and other information. There is additional security access needed to view the Grants menu.

Who has access?

Department Administrators; Research Administrators; Business Administrators; Deans Offices / School Administrators

Award Demographics-Award Profile menu

Award Tab

You can review general award information in the Award tab.

Navigation: Grants → Awards → Award Profile → Award tab


Funding Tab

You can review a list of budget periods and funding for all projects within an award in the Funding tab. Click details to see budget detail information.

Navigation: Grants → Awards → Award Profile → Funding tab


Resources Tab

The Resources tab indicates the subcontractor (subrecipient) information. It is optional to store resources, such as equipment on this page.

Navigation: Grants → Awards → Award Profile → Resources tab


Terms Tab

The Terms tab displays any terms and conditions for the award.

Navigation: Grants → Awards → Award Profile → Terms tab


Research Terms listing


Milestones Tab

Each award will have FSRFI (Final Financial Status Report) and TECHR (Technical Report) milestones created. Notifications about project anniversaries and closeouts are sent to some of the roles listed on the Project Team page in the Award Project menu (see below), generally the RADM and the PI.

Navigation: Grants → Awards → Award Profile → Milestones tab


Project Demographics-Project menu

General Information Tab

You can review the project demographic information, including the Project Status.

  • Open-all transactions are permitted on the project
  • Pending Closed-no new transactions, but steps should be taken to reconcile encumbrances and un-posted transactions
  • Finished-only correction journals permitted
  • Closed-no transactions or corrections

Navigation: Grants → Awards → Project → General Information tab


Project Team page

You can review the project demographic and project team members. If no Research Administrator (RADM) is listed or is incorrect, contact ASRSP to have the listing updated. The RADM and the selected Principal Investigator will receive the milestone notifications.

Navigation: Grants → Awards → Project → General Information tab > Project Team link (Click on Project Team link located at the bottom of the General Information tab to access this page.)  


Project Department Tab

You can review the managing department for the project. The Institution ID indicates the rules for F&A distribution which differ on each campus.

Navigation: Grants → Awards → Project → Project Department tab


Project Demographics-Project Activity menu

General Information Tab

You can see which Activity (budget period) is open if there are multiple budget periods on a project.

Navigation: Grants → Awards → Project Activity → General Information tab

Project Activity

F&A Rates Tab

You can review the funded F&A rate for the project.

Navigation: Grants → Awards → Project Activity → F&A Rates tab

Activity F&A Rates

Some awards have subcontracts. Subcontracts can be set up and reviewed the eProcurement menu. See additional training materials on setting up a subcontract requisition.

For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) option 7, or

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