Zoom Webinars

Northwestern IT has provisioned a small number of Zoom webinar licenses (4 of the 500 seat webinar licenses, and 1 of the 1000 seat webinar licenses) which are available for request. Zoom webinar licenses are limited and temporary from Northwestern IT and are a different service offering, not an upgrade to a Zoom Meeting license.

There are differences between a Zoom webinar and a Zoom Meeting, which you can read more about here. The Zoom webinar capabilities provide:

  • Enhanced event registrations
  • Enhanced in-meeting controls
  • Larger capacity
To request a Webinar license, complete this form. Our response will be within 48hrs of whether or not we have a license available.

Available for request - 4 of the 500 seat webinar licenses, and 1 of the 1000 seat webinar license.

Alternatives to a webinar license (in case of unavailability):

Zoom Webinar Pricing (annual license)
Webinar 100
Webinar 500
Webinar 1000
Webinar 3000

Acquisition Process
  1. Identify the webinar capacity you need
  2. Send an email request to consultant@northwestern.edu
  3. Northwestern IT will follow up and request a quote from Zoom
  4. Once you receive the quote, provide your chart string and Northwestern IT will submit the order
  5. The requisition number will be provided to you to get your account approvals done
  6. After Zoom receives the purchase order, the license will be provisioned, then
  7. Northwestern IT will assign the webinar license
  • Consider a departmental account for shared webinar access when webinar access is needed by more than 1 person
  • A Zoom meeting cannot be upgraded to a Webinar - the webinar license is a different service.
Purchase a Zoom Webinar License direct from Zoom
If Northwestern IT does not have an available webinar license for your event and you are unable to use the other options such as Webex or a Zoom meeting setup like a webinar, then you can consider a direct purchase from Zoom.
  1. Visit Zoom's Webinar Pricing Page
  2. Select Monthly Pro account ($14.95)
  3. Select Webinar capacity size
  4. Choose Monthly
  5. Process the order directly with a credit card
    • Use a departmental PCard or personal credit card and address reimbursement with your departmental financial representative. 
Participant Capacity - Expand with Facebook or YouTube
With the limit of 300 participants, Zoom meetings can use the Facebook or YouTube streaming option to expand to a larger audience, albeit as a one-way stream.

Follow these instructions provided by Zoom to stream via Facebook or via YouTube. These services are built-in to Zoom and we cannot provide support for them outside of what the Zoom documents provide. If there are issues launching the Facebook page, logging out and back into Facebook has resolved, so has restarting the browser or using a private/incognito browsing session.

How: In your Zoom meeting, click More in the Zoom control panel and select either option. Only one option can be selected, both services cannot be used at the same time.

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