Using the Replace a Steward Form in SAFER

This form is used to replace the Steward of a top-level SAFER folder or folder tree with a new Steward. This form is only available to Stewards. Either of the existing Stewards can submit the form to replace themselves or the other Steward.

  1. Log in to the Replace a Steward form with your NetID and password.
  2. From the Top-Level Folder drop-down menu, choose the top-level folder for which you are replacing the Steward.
  3. In the Steward to Replace drop-down menu, choose the Steward to change.
  4. Optionally, check the box to remove the former Steward from the folder.
  5. Enter the information of the new steward in the New Steward section.
  6. Enter an Explanation for Steward Replacement. This will be sent to the Director and saved for future reference.
  7. Click Submit.
The new Steward will receive a request to approve the form, which will officially make them the new Steward.

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