Using the Import Bulk Changes Form in SAFER

With this form, you can submit a template to make multiple changes within a SAFER share at the same time. This can include:

  • Creating multiple new folders or a folder tree
  • Modifying many collaborators on a single folder
  • Adding a single collaborator to many folders

This form is available to Stewards only.

  1. Download and complete the Excel template with the information about the changes you want to make. The template contains information and detailed instructions on how to complete it.
  2. Once the template is complete, copy all of the cells from the template below row 13, the header row.
  3. Log in to the Import Bulk Changes form with your NetID and password.
  4. Choose the Top Level Folder where the changes should be implemented.
    • If you are using the form to create a new folder tree, choose the Top-Level Folder where the new folder tree should be created.
  5. In the Import Changes section, paste the cells you copied from the Excel template into the box.
  6. Click Validate Requested Changes.
  7. Click Submit.
The form will be submitted to the second Steward for approval. Upon approval, the changes will be made.

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