Installing Software on Quest

Software on Quest is encouraged to be installed locally by the user. In some cases, it must be installed system-wide by NUIT Research Computing Services.

Before installing software on Quest, you may wish to check the list of currently installed software on Quest.

Please note that researchers are strongly encouraged to install their own software on Quest. Software should be installed in your home directory (for software used only by you) or your allocation’s projects directory (for software used by several people in your group).

Installing your own software on Quest

To install R packages or libraries, please see the installations section of Using R on Quest.

To install Python packages or libraries, please see the installations section of Using Python on Quest.

For help with compiling, please see Compiling Code on Quest.

Request a software installation on Quest

Use the Software Installation Request Form if one of the following applies:

installation requires root access to Quest in order to be installed

multiple groups express interest in creating a module for the software

you have encountered an issue while trying to install the software yourself

Software installations performed by Research Computing Services are generally completed within 10 days. Installations requiring changes to the system libraries and/or installation of several dependency programs may take longer.  Please note that in cases where the software is not compatible with the Quest operating system and architecture, software cannot be installed.

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