Using the Register a Subfolder Form in SAFER

This form is used to register subfolders that were not initially registered. This may include:

  • Subfolders that are moved into a SAFER folder from outside
  • Subfolders that are created inside a SAFER share after it is already registered
  • Subfolders that are part of a tree that was registered, but the subfolder is inheriting all permissions from above (no added collaborators).
  • Any other subfolders which don't have the SAFER tag on them

This form is only available to Stewards.

  1. Log in to Box and navigate to the subfolder that you are interested in registering.
  2. While you are inside that folder, copy the URL at the top of your browser. This is the Folder URL.
  3. Log in to the Register a Subfolder form with your NetID and password.
  4. Paste the URL into the Folder URL box, and click Lookup.
    • If you receive an error when looking up the folder, verify that the subfolder is inside a registered SAFER folder.
  5. The information of the second Steward is displayed.
  6. Optionally, add collaborators and their access levels.
  7. Click Submit to complete the form.
The form will be submitted to the second Steward for approval. Upon approval, the subfolder will be registered.

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