Getting Started with SAFER

If you are interested in applying SAFER to data for Northwestern Box, first take these steps.

Get familiar with Box and SAFER

Understand your data

  • Read and understand the different data sensitivity levels outlined in the University Data Access Policy
  • Think about what sensitive data your department plans to store in Box
  • Identify folders in your existing storage environment which could contain sensitive data

Identify your SAFER Stewards and other roles

Using the description of SAFER roles, you will need to identify individuals in your department who can fill the following roles:
  • Stewards (2)
  • Directors (2)
  • Business Officers (1+)
Note that you can have one person fill multiple roles, with the exception that you must have two unique individuals as Stewards.

Request SAFER

Email to request SAFER for your department . In this email, you will need to provide:
  • A desired display name, email address, and between one and three owners for your SAFER NetID
  • The name of your existing Box Organizational Account, if one exists
  • The names of your SAFER Stewards, Directors, and Business Officer(s)

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