Downloading and Installing OneDrive for Windows

This article will explain how to download OneDrive for Windows and configure it to access your Northwestern OneDrive for Business files.

Download the App

If your computer is running the Windows 10 operating system, the OneDrive desktop app is already installed. If your computer is running Windows 8.1, 7, or Vista, download the app from Microsoft’s OneDrive website at
Configure the App
To configure the Windows OneDrive app to access the files in your Office 365 account:
1. Click the cloud icon in the Windows taskbar to set up OneDrive.
NOTE: On computers running the Windows 8.1 operating systems, you will see the Set Up OneDrive screen when you launch OneDrive. Click Work or school to continue.
2. On the Microsoft OneDrive screen that appears, enter your Northwestern email address and click Sign in.
3. OneDrive will now connect to our servers.
4. The Windows Security will appear. Enter your NetID and password then check the box labeled Remember my credentials. Note: You may not receive the Windows Security message if you have local administrative rights. 
5. Click OK
6. On the This is your OneDrive folder screen, click Next.
7. On the Sync files from your OneDrive screen, choose the files you want OneDrive to sync and click Next.
PLEASE READ: OneDrive: Choosing the Right Installation Settings for OneDrive for Windows to ensure best user experience when using OneDrive for Business on Windows
8. On the Your OneDrive is ready for you screen, Click Open my OneDrive – Northwestern folder to view your files.

If you receive an error message of "We were unable to verify your account. Please sign in for or cancel and try a different account."

Click Try again and use your for the email address.  

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