Using the OneDrive/SharePoint Globus Endpoint

This document describes how to transfer data to/from OneDrive/SharePoint using Globus.

The Northwestern Quest OneDrive Pilot endpoint allows users to access files from both OneDrive and Sharepoint. 


All Northwestern faculty, staff, and students have access to OneDrive. No further authorization is needed to use Globus with OneDrive.

To access files from a Northwestern SharePoint document library, you need to:

  • Check that you have access. Generally, if you can see the content in OneDrive, you will be able to see it in Globus. 
    • Check for access to entire SharePoint document libraries in the Quick Access section of the left OneDrive sidebar.
    • Check for access to specific files/folders shared with you in the "Shared" section on the left OneDrive sidebar.

left sidebar of onedrive interface

    Once you have access and follow the SharePoint site, you will be able to access the files using Globus.

    Activating the OneDrive/Sharepoint Endpoint

    To activate the OneDrive/Sharepoint endpoint,

    1. First log into Globus using your Northwestern credentials.
    2. Then search for Northwestern Quest OneDrive Pilot and select the endpoint. Globus will then ask you to authenticate with your Northwestern Microsoft account via the Northwestern Online Passport.
    3. Once you authenticate, you will not need to provide your credentials again to activate this endpoint.

    Accessing files

    After authenticating, you should see the files contained in your OneDrive account. To see other files that are shared with you via OneDrive or SharePoint, click the up arrow above the files listed in your OneDrive account.

    Globus interface showing OneDrive endpoint with red box around  upward arrow to go up a directory

    Here you should see 3 folders: 

    • /My files/ contains OneDrive files that you own
    • /Shared/ contains files that have been shared with you 
    • /Shared libraries/ contains SharePoint libraries from SharePoint sites that you follow.

    Globus file manager showing onedrive connector root directory

    You can navigate to the files you would like to transfer from here. 


    See the following sections for instructions on how to resolve common problems with the Northwestern Quest OneDrive Pilot endpoint.  

    My file transfer fails because of a checksum error when I try to send a Microsoft Office Document to a SharePoint library.

    By default, SharePoint changes the metadata on MS Office files when they are moved into a SharePoint library. This change to the metadata changes the file checksum that Globus relies on to check file integrity. Here are two options to resolve this issue: 

    1. Deactivate the checksum verification feature: This is the simplest way to work around this issue, however you risk missing file integrity problems that are unrelated to SharePoint changing the file metadata. We do not recommend using this option if you are transferring large files, large batches of files, and non-MS Office documents. 
      • Click on Transfer & Timer Options in the middle of the File Manager window.
      • Then, check the box next to "do NOT verify file integrity after transfer".
      • Your transfer should complete without the checksum error
    2. Turn off the SharePoint feature that changes the metadata: This process has to be done using the SharePoint API by an administrator. Please contact with the subject " SharePoint Globus checksum error" for help with this process. 

    I can't see a SharePoint Library I have access to.

    If you do not see a SharePoint Library you have access to in the Shared Libraries folder, please check that you are following the Library by clicking the star next to the library at

    If you are following the library and still don't see it in Shared Libraries, 

    • Make sure that the site you are following has a document library that contains files
    • Try unfollowing and refollowing the SharePoint site.

    If none of these strategies work, email with the subject "Can't see SharePoint library in Globus" and we will help you troubleshoot the issue further. 

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