Disconnecting from a RDSS/FSMResFiles share

This document describes how to disconnect your RDSS/FSMResFiles from your computer.

Select your operating system below for specific instructions. 


  1. Open a Finder window 
  2. Locate your mounted file share on the left side of the window. Depending on where your share is located, it will be called one of the following:  
    • resfiles.northwestern.edu 
    • fsmresfiles.northwestern.edu 
    • resfiles-audit.northwestern.edu 
  3. Click the eject button to the right of the mounted drive.   

MacOS finder window with eject button highlighted on RDSS share


  1. Open the File Explorer 
  2. Locate your mounted network drive in the navigation pane on the left side of the File Explorer window. The mounted drive will have a drive letter assigned to it (R:, Z:, etc.) and it will be called one of the following: 
    • SHARE_NAME (\\resfiles.northwestern.edu) 
    • SHARE_NAME (\\fsmresfiles.northwestern.edu) 
    • SHARE_NAME (\\resfiles-audit.northwestern.edu) 
  3. To unmount the drive, use the right mouse button on the mounted drive to bring up the contextual menu and select Disconnect



You must have root level access to your machine. 

  1. Login as root to your linux machine 
  2. From the command line, use the mount command to output a list of your mounted drives. Depending on where your share is located, it will be called one of the following:  
    • <netid>@resfiles.northwestern.edu on /mountpoint 
    • <netid>@ fsmresfiles.northwestern.edu on /mountpoint 
    • <netid>@ resfiles-audit.northwestern.edu on /mountpoint 

Where <NetID> is your Northwestern NetID and mountpoint is the mountpoint you created when you mapped the network drive.   

3. To unmount, type umount /mountpoint, replacing /mountpoint with the local directory that your share is mounted to. 

Email consultant@northwestern.edu if you have questions or need help using RDSS. 

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