Updating Box Links on Northwestern Websites and Canvas Course Sites

As part of preparations for the Box migration, Northwestern IT asks anyone responsible for web content across the University to review their sites for hyperlinks connecting to content currently stored in Box. This proactive effort is intended to prevent broken links on sites once Box content is migrated.

How Do I Find the Links? 

If you need assistance identifying links on your pages, please contact the following: 

Generating New SharePoint URLs 

Once you identify your links, please transfer the content currently stored in Box to SharePoint. Next, please generate new URLs, and update the links on your sites with the new SharePoint URLs. Review the Moving files from Box to SharePoint Manually article to learn how to self-migrate your content. You can also review an article on how to identify ownership of Box content if needed. Please note that self-migrating documents does not preserve document versioning. If versioning is critical, updating links must wait until the content is migrated for you.   

Lastly, once you have uploaded the content to SharePoint, please delete the item from Box (and empty the Trash) and, if necessary, notify anyone who might regularly access the content that a new URL is available. 

Why Use SharePoint? 

Any content linked on sites that needs its access set to “anyone with the link” can view (anonymous sharing) must be saved in SharePoint. This option is not available in Microsoft OneDrive, so please do not save items you intend to link for public access to OneDrive. If anonymous sharing is not enabled in your SharePoint, send a request, including the site URL, to BOX-Migration@northwestern.edu

Can I Wait to Move Items Until After They Are Migrated? 

Northwestern IT recommends updating Box links now. However, if this is not possible, content in Box accounts will be available in read-only mode for four weeks, so these links will remain active. If you wait for the content to migrate, you will need to move the migrated file from OneDrive to SharePoint within that four-week window. To do so, review the Move files and folders between OneDrive and SharePoint  article. Again, once moved, update the link on your sites. 

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