Approval Process: Requisitions

This Job Aid will walk Users with the Requisition Approver role through the process of applying approvals to Requisitions.

For users with the Approver role:

Important Notes

  • If one line item cannot be approved, the whole transaction must be sent back or placed on hold
  • If a line is grayed out it does not need your approval

 There are 3 different ways you can access approval pages for a requisition:

  • NUFinancials WorkCenter
  • Approvals Tiles
  • Navigation Bar

Approve Payment Request via NUFinancials WorkCenter

Navigation: Log into NUFinancials > Employee Self Service > NUFinancials WorkCenter (tile)

  • Click on the NUFinancials WorkCenter tile.
  • Click on the Approvals tab.
  • Click on Requisition.
  • Under the search criteria, click View Results (this will allow you to see all of the requisitions that are in a pending approval status available in your approvals list).
  • Choose the transaction that you want to approve by clicking on the Req ID.

A new window will open with the Requisition information. This is the approver’s page to approve, deny, or hold transactions. 

To Approve a Requisition,

  1. Validate all information for the transaction.
  2. Click Approve.
  3. An Approve message with the Approver box will appear.
    • Enter Approver Comments if needed.
  4. Click Submit.
What happens next?
  • The transaction is removed from your workflow inbox and the inboxes of any pooled approvers at your level.
  • If there are additional levels of approval, the requisition proceeds to the next level.
  • Upon final approval, the requisition is automatically sourced into a Purchase Order and is dispatched to the Supplier.

To Deny/Send Back a Requisition,

  1. Validate all information, and click Deny.
  2. A deny message will appear with the Approver Comments text box.
    • Enter comments about why the transaction is being denied in the Approvers Comments box. (REQUIRED)
  3. Click Submit.
What happens next?
  • Requester receives an email with Approver Comments about why the transaction was sent back.
  • Approver is returned to their workflow inbox.
  • The transaction is removed from your workflow inbox and the inboxes of any pooled approvers at the same level.
  • Requester modifies transaction and resubmits for approval (workflow is reinitiated from the beginning). Or, Requester may cancel requisition.

Hold a Requisition

Warning: It is recommended that you do not use the Hold function. If an approver holds a transaction, that transaction remains at the same approval level without moving forward until the person who put a hold on the transaction applies their approval or denies it.

Alternatively, you can Approve, Deny/Send Back, or Hold a transaction through Approvals tile and NavBar (Navigation bar).

Approvals tile:

Navigation: Log into NUFinancials > Employee Self Service (homepage) > Approvals (tile) > Requisition


Navigation: Log into NUFinancials > NavBar > Approvals > Requisition

For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) option 7, or

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